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Pope reveals he had weekly psychoanalysis sessions at age 42

Pope Francis has revealed that he sought the help of a psychoanalyst for six months when he was 42 and the leader of the Jesuit order in Argentina during the country’s military dictatorship.

The pope’s disclosure was made in a book based on 12 in-depth interviews with the French sociologist Dominique Wolton, to be published next week.

Francis said the weekly sessions with the psychoanalyst helped him a lot. “For six months, I went to her home once a week to clarify a few things. She was a doctor and psychoanalyst. She was always there,” he told Wolton for the 432-page book Pope Francis: Politics and Society.

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Lacan’s Concept of Clinical Structures – CFAR/Bristol University 2017/2018


Lacan’s Concept of Clinical Structures

Four public seminars on the topics of Neurosis (hysteria and obsession), Psychosis and Perversion will take place throughout the year.  No prior knowledge of Lacan is assumed and the seminars will all include clinical examples involving the kind of problems and questions common to diverse currents in contemporary psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.

THE STRUCTURES WE CALL CLINICAL – VINCENT DACHY – Psychoanalyst in London and member of CFAR; NLS and WAP

 Date:  Saturday, October 7, 2017

Attendance Fee: £15 students £10

Venue: Merchant Venturers Building, Room 1.11

Woodland Road, Bristol BS8 1UB

Time: 10am – 12 midday

Registration: 9.15am on the day

 Please address enquiries to

Elizabeth O’Loughlin at

Jill Brown at  

Kurt Lampe at